Wow! it's a been a long time since I have updated my blog. Last year was really hectic as well as happening for me - new job, new baby, new house and also I turned 30 (gee! I still can't fathom). Madhuri Sarees was still alive though ! I managed to juggle appointments in between all the madness that was going on. Bringing up a boy in no joke!!  

This new year I have eased the appointments. I try to keep appointments during weekdays after work only. I don't prefer taking appointments during weekends - that time is only for my kids and family. I occasionally take appointments on Sunday if someone is really in need of some outfits :-) That is really minimal though. I want to setup open walk-in times at least once a couple of months so that I am more accessible - we'll see when I can set it up. the biggest challenge I have is time management!  My kids and family will always be my top priority and I do not want to compromise not having enough time for them. They grow fast! 

It's also been  3.5 years since I opened up Madhuri Sarees. Meeting people from different cultures is still the best part of opening up the business. I cherish making friends that I would not have made or met otherwise.

Here are some pics that I can share from last year. 

Baby is here! Jan of 2013

Love my daughter's expression seeing her baby bro

Mommy's old! 
30th birthday

Living the American Dream. House with a white picket fence! in the best school district!



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