What is the fascination with us and movie stars? It's so silly but we still love being bewitched by movie stars who are beautiful, rich and famous. We are enamored by what they wear, how they look and we love judging their looks. I am here to do the same :-)

As an Indian - I was happy to spot Aparna Danna (wife of Oscar winner Mychael Danna) in a lehenga style saree. I like the color however, the stone work is so old school and garish. Her purse does not march her outfit either. She may have picked out the outfit just for the blouse :-) I do love the design (photos coutesy CNN). Kudos to her to wear an Indian outfit though !


02/27/2013 18:06

Yes, it was a nice surprise for all Indians but I loved the idea , she looked different from the crowd !


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