Everyone asks me that! And my answer is why not? The story goes like this:When I decided that I wanted to open up a business in Denver for my passion of shopping - I was at a loss on what I should name my business. I wanted a brand that reminds one of something glamorous and something catchy. I did not want to operate in either mine or my daughter's name simply because I didn't want my name to be public or branded. Plus I am a full-time software professional and wanted my career profile separate from my hobby and not to be linked in searches.

While we were shortlisting names - I blurted out Aishwarya. My husband then said why not Madhuri?

The name "Madhuri Sarees" instantly resonated with me. It's already a public name and people associate Denver with Madhuri is what I thought. I also wanted the name to be unique and googling up the name did not return any Madhuri Sarees anywhere in the world. A very practical choice - So there you go!

Madhuri Sarees is happy to celebrate 1 year in this business and serving you all!

Madhuri Sarees is proud to be a pioneer in promoting Indian Clothing business via Facebook. We were the first in Denver to start this popular trend. A lot of other women were inspired by the success and opened up their own little shops in the Denver area. Here is an excerpt from one of the emails I received.

"Just visited your website in search of your background. I am a computer engineer myself from India. I worked for the last 10 years and now will be taking time off soon, to spend with my 3 children. I commend you for taking control of your passion and making it into something bigger. I love baking and am planning to get into baking exclusive cakes.. you give me inspiration."

This is one of the best emails I have ever received. I never could imagine Madhuri Sarees to be such a success! I had started it out as a trial to see if it would even survive! I am happily surprised and thank you to all my customers. A big perk in this business is meeting people from different ethnicities. I hope to continue meeting you all and help you enjoy one of the joys that we miss being away from India - Shopping!!

I hope to continue serving you peeps.

Happy Shopping!!

adhuri Sarees Denver



03/28/2012 12:25

Hey Khushboo,

First of all, a Big Congratulations on completing a successful year of Madhuri Sarees. You have great sense of style and have a great collection of suits and sarees!! Wish you many many years of success in the future and always look forward to what you'll brink new in the store :) You are a true inspiration who followed their passion!! Keep it up.


Timsy Apel
03/28/2012 12:29

Dear Khushboo,

That's wonderful that you are pursuing your passion, and getting a chance to meet people and do what you love. It makes me very happy that you are so happy! :-)

With love,

Deepa Mishra
03/28/2012 12:40

Madhuri might have left Denver but Madhuri Sarees is here to stay!!! Congratulations and a big thank you for bringing such a delightful shopping experience to us. We have friends from far and away using your site, even from places like Houston and San Francisco where there is no dearth of Indian stores. Your selection is outstanding and prices are unbeatable... Wish you lots of success with this endeavor!

03/28/2012 17:50

Dear Khushboo!

You are truly an inspiration! Balancing your work, family and hobby is hard work and you are doing it so well!! I wish you all the best in future and may your Madhuri Sarees shine like a star!!!


03/28/2012 19:57

Dear Khushboo,

Congratulations on completing one year and wishing many many more successful years. The collection of sarees and Salwar kurtas are amazing and the prices are very reasonable. Thankyou for briging our India back to us through Madhuri Sarees. Good luck and you are a great inspiration to all.

03/28/2012 20:41

Dear Khushboo,

Congratulations on completing one year! I completely agree with the email, you are truly an inspiration. I am glad that you are doing something you really enjoy and that's why you have such a wonderful collection. You have put in a lot of hard work and it shows.
Way to go Madhuri Sarees!!!

Lots of love

03/29/2012 09:05

Dear Khushboo
Congratulations to you. As your name suggests, You have spread the fragrance of Indian culture in Denver with your trendy collection. History is happenning.Good luck and best wishes to Madhuri Sarees and to you for your future projects.
Love and regards

03/30/2012 09:42

Hi Khushboo, Congratulations on completing one year of business. You have been so passionate about it and into it that doesnt look like a business to me, it only seems to be a passion for you. You yourself has a good taste and that goes well with your passion to make it a success..You are probably an inspiration for many how about writing your next blog on where do you draw your inspiration from? Love your collection ...keep going and all the best in your endeavors! Love Maneesha

04/10/2012 19:05

Congratulations on completing one year of business!! I still remember the day when khushboo was thinking to start the business and was deciding the name of the business. I can't believe MadhuriSarees has completed one successful year aisa lag raha hai jaise ye kal ki hi baat ho.Its a true inspiration for those who has dreams "KUCHH KAR GUJARNE KI CHAHAT" Khushboo had DESIRE, ATTITUDE, FOCUS, DECIPLINE AND BUSINESS PERSPECTIVE. Lots of Love and Blessings!! Keep It Up!!Wish you lots of Success.

Monika Celly
05/24/2012 20:30

Congrats on completing one year in your dream venture. Wishing you good luck for the coming times :)

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