Everyone asks me that! And my answer is why not? The story goes like this:When I decided that I wanted to open up a business in Denver for my passion of shopping - I was at a loss on what I should name my business. I wanted a brand that reminds one of something glamorous and something catchy. I did not want to operate in either mine or my daughter's name simply because I didn't want my name to be public or branded. Plus I am a full-time software professional and wanted my career profile separate from my hobby and not to be linked in searches.

While we were shortlisting names - I blurted out Aishwarya. My husband then said why not Madhuri?

The name "Madhuri Sarees" instantly resonated with me. It's already a public name and people associate Denver with Madhuri is what I thought. I also wanted the name to be unique and googling up the name did not return any Madhuri Sarees anywhere in the world. A very practical choice - So there you go!

Madhuri Sarees is happy to celebrate 1 year in this business and serving you all!

Madhuri Sarees is proud to be a pioneer in promoting Indian Clothing business via Facebook. We were the first in Denver to start this popular trend. A lot of other women were inspired by the success and opened up their own little shops in the Denver area. Here is an excerpt from one of the emails I received.

"Just visited your website in search of your background. I am a computer engineer myself from India. I worked for the last 10 years and now will be taking time off soon, to spend with my 3 children. I commend you for taking control of your passion and making it into something bigger. I love baking and am planning to get into baking exclusive cakes.. you give me inspiration."

This is one of the best emails I have ever received. I never could imagine Madhuri Sarees to be such a success! I had started it out as a trial to see if it would even survive! I am happily surprised and thank you to all my customers. A big perk in this business is meeting people from different ethnicities. I hope to continue meeting you all and help you enjoy one of the joys that we miss being away from India - Shopping!!

I hope to continue serving you peeps.

Happy Shopping!!

adhuri Sarees Denver